Pallet Racking Collapsing

How to Prevent Pallet Racking Collapsing

A lot of strength is needed in warehouse pallet racking to handle a significant amount of weight. Pallet racking also has a significant impact on inventory management. A well-organised storage system may significantly improve the effectiveness of a warehouse’s operations. However, some warehouse racking systems collapse due to human error.

“There are several reasons for a racking system to collapse, but many of them come under the basic flags of maintenance, design, quality, and upkeep of employee training. Human mistake is the most common cause of racking collapses, whether due to faulty judgments made at the beginning of the project or damage done to the equipment already in place.” shared Public Liability Insurance finance expert Olivia Richardson.

Take a look at the most prevalent reasons for pallet rack collapse listed below to help you avoid them.

Prevalent Reasons For Pallet Rack Collapse

1. Poor Planning and Sloppy Execution

The saying “buy cheap, buy twice” has never been more appropriate than in the pallet racking industry. Investing in high-quality equipment and materials, as well as hiring specialists to design and install your system, should not be considered a luxury. One Stop Pallet Racking provides full-service racking solutions for purchase, ensuring that pallet racking systems are correctly installed to the AS4084-2021 Australian Standard and minimising the danger of collapse.

2. Too Little Training on Operating a Forklift

First and foremost, forklift training is essential to protect your employees, the pallet racking system and the stock. All drivers and necessary floor workers must be thoroughly instructed on operating the machinery and how to manoeuvre around the warehouse. A small mistake can cause substantial damage.

3. An Untidy Work Environment

Maintain your inventory in the best possible conditions to minimise damage and loss, but also keep your floors clean, especially around the base plates of the frames. Dust and debris can cause premature rust and undermine the pallet racking system. Look for ways to minimise forklift incidents and equipment damage.

How to Prevent Racking Collapsing?

1. Regular Equipment Inspections

You and your inspectors should conduct regular checks of your equipment to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

2. Incorporate Racking Protection

There are various solutions for pallet racking protection. Incorporating rack end protection, upright guards and bollards can protect the pallet racking from damage.

3. Be Aware of Your Limitations

Do not overload the beams or the bays with more weight than the pallet racking system can hold. Safe Work Load signs need to be visible on all pallet racking. Ensure forklift drivers and machinery operators are aware of the safe work load limits of the pallet racking systems used within the warehouse.

4. Invest in High-Quality Racking

Your racking should be designed to meet your item and stock demands, considering the amount of room you have and the workflow of the employees using it.

Where To Find Reliable Pallet Racking Services?

More than finding a high-quality racking system, urge your warehouse employees to care for the equipment, themselves and fellow employees. Untrained warehouse staff are a liability even with the best pallet racking system installed in your warehouse.

One Stop Pallet Racking can help you minimise or prevent any untoward incident with our Consultancy and Warehouse Design. We also conduct Safety Inspections at least once a year to ensure a safe work environment.

Contact us to know more about the range of our services.

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