At One Stop Pallet Racking, we sell, hire/lease and service a wide range of forklifts including; Counterbalance, High Reach, Walkie Stackers, Pallet Jacks and many more.

We supply both brand new and second hand refurbished units, and have a variety of machines to suit different jobs and tasks.


Counterbalance forklifts are the most common machinery used in conjunction with pallet racking in warehouses. They have dual forks at the front and they are straightforward to operate, transporting loads with ease.

Counterbalance forklifts
Highreach forklifts


Highreach forklifts are useful for pallet racking systems that require reaching up high for product. A high reach forklift has the ability to extend its lift height over many meters. High reach forklifts can operate in smaller aisles between pallet racking compared to counter balance forklifts.

Walkie Stackers

Walkie Stackers or walk-behind stackers are machines with a mast for lifting pallets to heights that you walk behind and operate. There are various types of walkie stackers that are suited to different applications.

Walkie Stackers
Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks are used to lift and move pallets around the warehouse with ease. Pallet jacks are the most basic form of forklift and are intended to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse at floor level.