Terms of Trade

Payment Terms

1.1. All works and products supplied by One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd must be paid according to the agreed payment terms specified on the invoice.
1.2. An additional late payment fee of 1.5% will be imposed on all outstanding payments. This will be calculated on a weekly basis at a compounding rate after the 7 day grace period has lapsed.
1.3. Any costs incurred to recover outstanding monies will be added to the outstanding invoice value.
2.1. All goods delivered or supplied shall remain the property of One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd until full payment is received and cleared.
Intellectual Property
3.1. Drawings, designs, and consultancy information are the exclusive Intellectual Property of One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd. If the client shares this information with another pallet racking company without the prior written consent of One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd, we reserve the right to charge for any related work at a rate we deem justified.
Costs Incurred Due to Delays
4.1. Any costs incurred by One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd due to delays caused by the client, including but not limited to: not clearing pallets or stock from pallet racking being repaired or relocated, not having the work area free of stock or other trades prior to our arrival for installation, or failing to provide unimpeded use of the site forklift, which causes downtime for our installers, will result in additional costs being incurred.
Special Orders and Second-Hand Pallet Racking
5.1. All special orders are non-refundable.
5.2. The client assumes all liabilities when requesting One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd to install any second-hand pallet racking, including non-compliance with AS4084-2023 Australian Standards.
6.1. All warranties on products are void unless the installation, repairs and pallet racking inspections are conducted by One Stop Pallet Racking Pty Ltd.
Acceptance of Quotation
7.1. By accepting a quotation, you are liable for payment of a 50% non-refundable deposit.