Pallet Racking Safety Inspections

A pallet racking safety inspection must be carried out once every 12 months to meet the minimum requirement of the AS4084-2023 Australian Standard and The Australian Steel Institute Code of Practice. A pallet racking safety inspection is also a SafeWork requirement and ensures the pallet racking system installed at your warehouse complies with the AS4084 Australian Standards.

Failure to conduct safety inspections may result in jeopardising your insurances (Workers’ Compensation, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability) for non-compliance with the AS4084 Australian Standards.

One Stop Pallet Racking has a team of trained Pallet Racking Safety Inspectors to conduct safety inspections Australia-wide to ensure your warehouse is compliant with the current Australian Standards. We issue a full report outlining all damages, non-compliant racking and overloaded racking systems. Within this safety inspection report, we offer recommendations about what is required to ensure your pallet racking systems are compliant with the Australian Standards and upon all systems being compliant, we issue you with a Certificate of Compliance.

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What is a Pallet Racking Safety Inspection?

A pallet racking inspection takes inventory of any non-compliant, damaged or overloaded pallet racking. It is important that pallet racking systems are safe and compliant to the Australian Standards to avoid accidental racking collapse, which can result in serious injury or death.

All warehouses that contain pallet racking must have an inspection conducted by a professional pallet racking safety inspector once every 12 months. This is the minimum requirement to comply with the AS4084-2023 Australian Standard and also the Code of Practice for Rack Safety Inspections from the Australian Steel Institute and SafeWork Australia. By not complying or meeting this minimum requirement, it may result in the annulment of your company’s insurances, ie; Workers’ Compensation, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. Additionally, failure to comply with Work Health and Safety practices may also result in heavy fines and / or imprisonment.

Once the inspection has been conducted, you will receive a full report from the safety inspector advising you about any damage or non-compliance issues, as per the AS4084-2023 Australian Standard.

What is Outlined in the Report?


Any damaged or impacted components of the pallet racking system where the strength or structural integrity may be compromised. Parts that are rusting or corroded are noted as they are signs of the metal becoming weak. If any parts are damaged, the inspectors will identify the brand and measure the parts for replacement.


The pallet racking system is assessed to ensure that it is installed accurately and securely bolted to the floor as per the AS4084-2023 Australian Standard.


Ensure that all Safe Work Load signs are displayed correctly with relevant details.

Beam Clips & Beams

Missing or incorrectly installed beam clips and deflecting or damaged beams are noted within the report.

Correct Loading

The pallet racking inspectors will assess if there is any overloading of product. This is to ensure that the weight is not exceeding the system’s capacity which may result in the pallet racking system collapsing.

Non-compliant pallet racking

Any pallet racking that is non-compliant to the AS4084 Australian Standards is noted and always recommended to replace.

Recommendations and / or Quotation

Recommendations in regard to what repairs, replacements or works need to be conducted to ensure the pallet racking is compliant with the Australian Standards.

Pallet Racking safety inspections must be carried out by a pallet racking inspector to ensure the certification for compliance is valid. We do, however, encourage that you have additional internal inspections carried out by a dedicated and experienced staff member within your company to manage concerns as they arise throughout the year prior to the annual inspection by a professional.

Creating a Safe Place for You & Your Workers

The safety of your employees must be top priority, particularly when working with large, heavy loads and pallet racking systems. Below are other notable points that you should be aware of while you are conducting your own internal inspections.

Reporting Risky Situations & Damage to the Pallet Racking

It is important to have an internal procedure in place for all employees to report risks or damage to the pallet racking. Any damage should be flagged and recorded accordingly.

Ensure that staff adhere to the correct operating instructions for your pallet racking

There must be clear Safe Work Load signage displayed to ensure that handling loads and working with the pallet racking system is done in a safe manner. Modifications to the pallet racking should not be made unless approved by the manufacturer.

Need a Safety Inspection for your Pallet Racking?

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