One Stop Pallet Racking Melbourne

Looking for professional pallet racking and shelving solutions in Melbourne? Look no further than One Stop Pallet Racking! One Stop Pallet Racking in Melbourne comprises of a professional and dedicated team of experts that offer quality warehouse storage solutions. Our warehouse layouts are designed with maximum efficiency, enhancing your company’s operations in mind–we have all the right tools to make sure it happens! We offer high-quality pallet racking services as well as safety inspections, forklift hire and custom warehouse design services. Read this article, to find out more about the services we offer:

What services do we offer?

1. Pallet Racking Range

One Stop Pallet Racking Melbourne can provide a solution that will work for your unique needs. Our experienced team installs various types of storage systems, such as selective palleting racking and double deep piles to optimize the space you have while maximizing accessibility with our forklifts!

2. Consultancy and Warehouse Design

Investing in warehouse shelving or pallet racking is often a carefully considered decision due to the size of the investment. Most businesses come with an idea about what they are looking for from their design and how much space it will require, but once we get started on designing solutions based on those specifications – things can start getting interesting! Our expertise lies in meeting specific requirements like yours; after all these years spent understanding different people’s needs–we know that each client has unique challenges which mean every solution must be custom-tailored just for them (plus 100% satisfied customers agree).

3. Pallet Racking Safety Inspection

The importance of a safety inspection for your pallet racking cannot be overstated. A comprehensive assessment and evaluation must happen at least once every 12 months as outlined by the AS4084-2012 Australian Standard or The Steel Institute Code Of Practice. Regular inspections can save you thousands in potential damages from rack collapse – but more importantly, they help minimise injuries that are much harder to repair after happening! If this sounds like something that interests you, contact our friendly team on 0410 894 157 today so you may set up an appointment with us.

4. Shelving

One Stop Pallet Racking Melbourne offers a range of solutions through secure and organised storage with the assistance of durable shelving. We provide industrial, long-span or steel shelves depending on your needs; all to ensure you get the most out of your facility!

5. Mezzanine Floors and Fabrications

As a qualified mezzanine floor supplier in Melbourne, we collaborate with you to find the right solution that will fit and optimise your warehouse space. Mezzanines can be installed for any type of building from warehouses to industrial locations – they’re not just suited towards large spaces!

6. Forklifts

We at One Stop Pallet Racking Melbourne know that for a warehouse to be efficient and effective, it needs the right equipment. We offer an excellent range of machinery from leading brands including Reach Trust Picker Ordering Systems – all designed with your business in mind! We also provide services such as installing or maintaining these machines so you can focus on what matters most: running successful operations while being able to take care of everything else around you too.

7. Accessories

We stock a diverse range of accessories that help improve the safety and functionality of your warehouse. Some of the available accessories include Upright Guards, Bollards and Mesh Back Panels.

Why should you choose One Stop Pallet Racking Melbourne?

  • Fully Certified – Our pallet racking products are designed and assembled per ISO 9001:2008 International Standards. All designs and systems are approved and tested to the AS4084-2012 Australian Standards and The Australian Steel Institute Code of Practice.
  • Easy Process – Tell us what you need, and we will source the products without fuss. Otherwise, provide us with the necessary information about your facility and products and we will get right to work
  • National Reach – Our solutions are available across Australia, from Sydney to Perth.
  • Helpful – We offer obligation-free consultations to answer all your queries.

Looking For Specialist Pallet Racking Solutions In Melbourne? Contact OSPR To Find Out More

One Stop Pallet Racking is a family-owned Australian company specializing in warehouse storage solutions. We are experts at designing and installing industrial shelving, pallet racking systems for the warehousing industry among other things! Our service areas cover Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Perth- so if you’re looking for someone who can help design your warehouse storage space then look no further than One Stop Pallet Racking Melbourne. Contact us today.