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Essential Considerations When Upgrading Your Pallet Racking

Most pallet racking systems are self-sufficient. After they’ve been installed to your requirements, you are able to start using them immediately. However, all good things, just like warehouse racking systems, come to an end. Even if you have a configuration and a racking system that has worked well for you for a very long time, you will ultimately need to upgrade to meet the needs and demands of a growing business or to remain compliant to the AS4084 Australian Standards, which have changed over the years.

“The shelves may deteriorate, sustain damage, or outdate themselves over time. Also, your warehousing requirements may alter, particularly when customers buy more products. To this end, your warehouse manages a larger volume and more varied inventory,” says warehouse specialist and business consultant Lincoln Beck of Biz Hero.

What factors do you need to consider when upgrading your pallet racking?

Here’s a list of the essential things to factor in when upgrading your pallet racking system to help you get started on the right track.



According to a report courtesy of Safe Work Australia, injuries in transport, postal, and warehousing areas amount to approximately 1,800 accidents a year. The wholesale and retail sectors recorded more than 1,000 and 500 injuries, respectively.

Safety is of the utmost importance. Hence, consider upgrading your pallet racking system by installing safety guards, which can help prevent serious accidents. Even after establishing such required safety measures, training staff members on how to use them is paramount.


The cost of pallet racking is an essential factor to consider when planning an upgrade. Although cheap pallet racking could be an option to cut costs, it might not always be the most secure and efficient solution. Therefore, it is a good idea to speak with an expert in warehouse storage solutions who can help you choose an optimum racking system upgrade that suits your needs.

Durability and Strength

Keep in mind that everything has a lifespan, including the pallet racking in your warehouse. A pallet racking systems typical operating lifespan varies depending on the conditions it is exposed to and how well it is maintained. Still, one of the most common reasons for warehouse accidents is untrained staff where the pallet racking is damaged, leaving the system vulnerable to collapsing. Employee injury and product damage can result from this.

Upgrading to pallet racking that is compliant and has the correct weight capacities for the product you’re storing may help avoid these problems. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that you choose a reliable company when upgrading your pallet racking.

Warehouse Design

Before upgrading your pallet racking system, it is vital to consider the warehouse storage space and design. The kind of racking you require depends on the warehouse’s size, shape, and height. To make the most use of your pallet racking upgrade, you need also to consider where the doors, windows and electricity are located. A thorough examination of the warehouse is important to be able to design efficiently.

Floor Area

A well thought-out upgrade of your warehouse pallet racking system examines your facility’s floor area and maximises its vertical dimensions. For example, if you opt to upgrade to higher pallet racking, it will efficiently improve the vertical storage capacity of your warehouse.


Pallet racking is a standard storage option for all applications requiring quick access to supplies and commodities. The level of access you need to your items relies on several variables, such as the nature of the commodities, the movement and rotation of the stock, and the regularity of loading / unloading, and shipments. Hence, it’s crucial to consider accessibility while planning to upgrade your pallet racking. If not, there is a chance that there will be mishaps or warehouse damage.

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Consider the pallet racking guidelines and suggestions listed above before upgrading your pallet racking. One Stop Pallet Racking is a leader in the industry. We have a long history in the industry and focus on producing and engineering high-quality, performance-driven storage solutions. Our pallet racking, which is made of steel, can help increase the efficiency of your warehouse and distribution centre.

The time is right to upgrade your pallet racking setup, increase productivity, and make expansion plans. Contact our experts in Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth right now.

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