Why Should I Use A Warehouse Racking System?

If you are struggling for room in your company warehouse, warehouse racking systems provide solutions to keep all your goods off the ground and in an organised matter. If you would like to know more about the many benefits of using a warehouse racking system, continue reading the rest of this blog.

What is a warehouse racking system?

A warehouse racking system is a storage solution to help you declutter and create extra space in your warehouse. In most cases, these shelves are built out of steel to support heavy cartons and products. You can also find shelving systems that can be fitted with particle board shelves or melamine shelves, which is a durable type of PVC coating laminated to a fibre or particle board. Therefore, you can find an array of options to accommodate your warehouse needs and aesthetic.

The benefits of using a warehouse racking system

Maximise Vertical Space

Take advantage of air space as well as the floor space. You can store products vertically, allowing much more product to fit into a small area, maximising your warehouse potential. Given that many warehouses have high ceilings, pallet racking systems are a solution to utilise this untouched real estate.

No Room? No Worries!

If you are concerned that you are at capacity in your warehouse, a pallet racking system allows you to store more products. You may not need to relocate to a larger warehouse to store your excess goods, saving you time and money.

Accessibility & Organisation

Getting around a warehouse to find what you are looking for can be a struggle if your products are an unorganised mess. With a warehouse racking system, you will find that you are able to categorise and create designated spaces for your products. This will help with your work processes and day-to-day operations as each item has a location. You will save an enormous amount of time trying to locate a product or restock existing products.

Increased Safety

Stacking pallets on top of each other has the potential to crush the products and topple over, causing damage or injury. Instead, products are most effectively stored in a steel storage system allowing for space in between palletised products. Everything is organised into bays and aisles preventing products all over the floor space. This will prevent any major WHS violations and injuries from happening if staff are tripping over unorganised stock. Forklifts can also drive in-between the aisles allowing them to access the goods in a safe and organised manner.

Purchasing shelving systems for your warehouse

If you have read through the points above and have noticed that you are tackling problems with room and organisation, One Stop Pallet Racking can assist you with finding the solution to all your warehouse storage problems. They provide services to Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth, so you can be reassured that your warehouse location will be no issue. If you need someone to help guide you through the process of purchasing a new warehouse racking system, One Stop Pallet Racking is your one stop warehouse shop. Contact them today.

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