What Are The Best Types Of Storage Systems To Use In An Industrial Warehouse?

An effective storage system needs to be suitable for your purposes, making the best use of available space, therefore, helping to optimise functionality and productivity. Essentially, a warehouse storage system facilitates your overall operations and storage.

The initial step in establishing which type of storage system to use in your warehouse is to consider the items you are storing. For instance, are you storing smaller items that need to be categorised? Or are you looking for a high-density storage solution for items that may not need to be accessed regularly?

One thing to keep in mind is that one storage system may not suit your whole operations, but rather, a combination of systems. Some of the best storage systems to use in an industrial warehouse include:

Selective Pallet Racking

Pallets are loaded and unloaded from the front of the pallet racking. If your warehouse has constant product circulation, selective pallet racking may be a good option. As a highly used storage system, OSPR selective pallet racking works for the storage of all different types of goods.

Drive In Racking

For warehouses that store large amounts of homogenous pallets (or similar-sized items), Drive In racking is recommended. Drive In racking also saves on floorspace, with more pallets being stored per m2 as aisles are not needed due to a forklift driving into the system to store and retrieve pallets at different levels.

Push Back Racking

Push Back racking can be chosen to store pallets that are in 2, 3, or 4 layers. This space-saving storage system is designed for LIFO (last-in, first-out) inventory management – perfect as a high-density storage solution.

Shuttle Rack

OSPR Shuttle Rack provides a storage solution that does not require the use of forklifts to retrieve the pallets, which effectively improves one key area of warehouse safety. With the help of a manual radio, this system uses radio shuttles that run on rails to load and unload pallets.

For further information on One Stop Pallet Racking (OSPR) storage solutions, please check out our website.

Shelving Options For Your Industrial Warehouse

Other than choosing a suitable storage system, you may require additional shelving options for better storage. Here are shelving options available at OSPR:

  • Longspan Shelving is very sturdy and is ideal for storing smaller components, as well as heavy and bulky items. This type of shelving can be fully customised for your storage needs.
  • Steel Shelving is not only space-saving, it allows for easy product visibility. Dividers can be installed to help with the categorisation of smaller items.

Why You Should Choose One Stop Pallet Racking for Your Next Warehouse Storage System

  • Tried and Tested – Our storage solutions are used by many well-known companies from a wide variety of industries such as supermarkets, home improvement, automotive, and other major industries.
  • Our Solutions Are Certified – All of our solutions are certified and have been tested to the AS4084-2012 Australian Standards.
  • Simplified Storage – We do the challenging work for you. We collaborate with our clients to design and construct storage solutions that allow for increased productivity and functionality.

Interested In Storage System Options For Your Industrial Warehouse?

If you are unsure which pallet racking solution would be suitable for use in your industrial warehouse, the team at One Stop Pallet Racking can help you. OSPR are specialists in providing storage solutions from pallet rackingstair setsindustrial shelvingmezzanine, and other services.

Our friendly team is only one call away to answer your queries related to storage and pallet racking:

  • Call Ray on 0410 894 157 for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth enquiries, or;
  • Can Krystle on 0449 894 158 for Brisbane and Gold Coast enquiries.

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