The Importance of Pallet Racking Inspections

Pallet Racking Systems are the ideal warehouse storage solution, allowing businesses to store their products off the floor in an organised manner. Even though these storage systems are incredibly strong, they require consistent inspections to ensure the safety of your staff and protection of your goods. There are a number of critical – and sometimes fatal – consequences when pallet racking safety inspections are not conducted in your warehouse.

What is a Pallet Racking Inspection?

A pallet racking inspection takes inventory of any non-compliant, damaged or overloaded pallet racking. All warehouses that contain pallet racking must have an inspection conducted by a professional pallet racking safety inspector once every 12 months.

An annual pallet racking safety inspection is the minimum requirement to comply with the AS4084-2012 Australian Standard and also the Code of Practice for Rack Safety Inspections from the Australian Steel Institute and SafeWork Australia. Failure to ensure annual inspections are conducted can result in voiding insurances such as Workers’ Compensation, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. Penalties for not adhering to Work Health and Safety practices can also result in heavy fines and / or imprisonment.

Pallet Racking Inspectors will provide a full report outlining any non-compliant, damaged or overloaded pallet racking systems within your warehouse. Pallet racking inspectors will ensure that all of the racking systems are compliant with the Australian Standard, AS4084-2012, and the Australian Steel Institute Code of Practice.

Pallet Racking Inspection Reports will cover:

Damage – damaged or impacted beams, uprights, bracing or footplates are noted within the report. Corrosion of the steel or bolts is checked. Any damaged parts are measured and the brand is identified for replacement.

Security – the pallet racking system is checked to ensure it is installed accurately and bolted to the floor correctly as per the AS4084-2012 Australian Standard.

Beam clips – all beam clips are inspected to ensure they are installed and are not missing.

Beams – any deflecting beams are noted within the report.

SWL Signs – safe work load signs must be fitted and visible.

Non-Compliant Racking – any non-compliant pallet racking is noted within the report

Recommendations and / or quotation – details recommending what repairs, replacements or works need to be carried out to ensure the pallet racking systems comply with the AS4084-2012 Australian Standards.

Only a professional pallet racking inspector can inspect the above points to certify and ensure that the pallet racking components are compliant. If you require a pallet racking inspection, contact One Stop Pallet Racking to arrange an inspection.

Why Are Pallet Racking Inspections Required?

Not only are inspections required to ensure compliance with the AS4084 Australian Standard, but it is also required as part of SafeWork Australia. Failure to comply with these standards and policies will jeopardise your insurances such as Workers’ Compensation, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.

The Australian Standards and policies are established to ensure that you, your employees and site visitors are safe when working in warehouses with pallet racking systems installed. Damaged, loose, non-compliant, and overloaded pallet racking systems can collapse, resulting in potentially fatal outcomes for anyone nearby. This can result in disputes and expensive lawsuits.

Additional Internal Inspections

In addition to the inspections carried out annually by a professional pallet racking safety inspector, it is strongly recommended that your pallet racking system is inspected by a knowledgeable and dedicated staff member within your business. This will aid in staying on top of any issues that may arise throughout the year and help you avoid costly solutions to resolve the matter.

Have Your Pallet Racking Inspected Today

Protect your inventory and staff by booking in a safety inspection for your pallet racking. One Stop Pallet Racking will be able to recommend the necessary actions to take to ensure your pallet racking meets the minimum requirements. Once certified and approved, we supply a Certificate of Compliance for proof of inspection. Contact One Stop Pallet Racking, your one stop shop for all warehousing needs.

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