Pros and Cons of New Vs Used Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is available in a range of shapes and sizes. These systems are found in warehouses and facilities across Australia, helping optimise storage capacity and enhance productivity. When looking at the pros and cons of new vs used pallet racking, factors such as costs, availability, and safety need to be considered.

Used Pallet Racking

Whether it’s for an entire storage system or certain accessories, there is always the chance that used pallet racking may not be compliant to the AS4084 Australian Standards, has metal fatigue, has hairline fractures in the steel, or has been overloaded in the past. There is also no guarantee of what it was previously used for.

Pros of used pallet racking

  • Lower upfront cost – Used pallet racking is the budget-friendly option, but bear in mind that pallet racking should be seen as a long-term investment rather than an expense.
  • Environmentally friendly – Reusing old pallet racking extends the product’s life cycle, minimising waste and the resources that accompany the creation of new pallet racking.

Temporary solution – Businesses in a transition phase may need an intermediate storage solution, this is where used pallet racking can save time and money.

Cons of used pallet racking

  • Wrong configuration – Used pallet racking may have been designed for a specific purpose and area, which means that it could be unsuitable for different layouts, pallet types, and uses.
  • Potential problems – Since the safety of your staff, clients, and visitors is paramount, this should not be compromised. Possible problems with used racking systems include:
    • Parts are made up of different brands
    • Loose components
    • Rusted, damaged or missing parts.

New Pallet Racking

By choosing new pallet racking, you can be confident in the history of the pallet racking, and be reassured that all parts are certified and tested to the AS4084 Australian Standards. Other benefits of new pallet racking include:

  • Safety – Pallet racking systems are required to be manufactured to the AS4084 Australian Standards. This means that unlike with used racking, you will know the precise maximum weight that the system can take.
  • Quality assurance – With new pallet racking, you can have 100% confidence in the quality of the system. New solutions also come with a factory warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Customisable – New pallet racking allows businesses to customise their storage system from the start. It will be the exact solution you need for your warehouse.
  • Future expansion – Buying a new pallet racking system directly from a racking specialist not only assures you that it will be done right, but it also means that you only need to contact one company for all of your storage needs.

The main con of installing new pallet racking is the large upfront cost. New pallet racking will require a large initial investment and there may be a time gap between the time of design to manufacturing and installation.

Used and New Pallet Racking From One Stop Pallet Racking

Installing a safe, efficient, and suitable pallet racking system is essential for any warehouse. If you are looking into using second-hand pallet racking simply to save money, consider whether it is truly the right investment for your company. Remember that there are significant safety issues involved with pallet racking, along with the fact that used racking may need more frequent inspections and replacements.

By choosing a quality pallet racking system, you will have a long-term solution that will be an asset to your business for years. Whether you are looking for new or used pallet racking, choose One Stop Pallet Racking, learn more about our range of pallet racking systems. Call our experienced team on 0410 894 157 or contact us online today!

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