Pallet Racking Height : Essential Factors to Consider

A perfect storage solution for any warehouse or industrial setting is pallet racking. It features frames and beams, allowing pallets to be stacked perpendicular to the aisles, which makes storing bulky and heavy items more effortless than ever before, as it offers a cost-efficient and highly organised space-saving solution for any sized business or warehouse.

“Properly utilising pallet racking is not just a matter of storage; it’s an opportunity to optimise your warehouse space and streamline your operations,” says Olivia Jones, a business operations specialist and news writer at 8News.

When it comes to pallet racking, several potential factors must be taken into consideration. If you weigh your options carefully and assess all the factors involved, you’ll be sure to make a choice that will benefit your warehouse operations for years to come.

Warehouse Height Restrictions

Knowing the height restrictions of your warehouse is critical when planning and purchasing pallet racking. If pallet racking exceeds the height of your building, then it quite obviously cannot be used. If there is a sprinkler system installed on the ceiling, it is imperative that there is a 1000mm clearance from the top of the highest pallet to the system itself. Warehouses without a sprinkler system installed need to keep a minimum clearance of 500mm from the ceiling.

Load Capacity

Load Capacity

Understanding the load capacity of your pallet racking is crucial when deciding how high and how many beam levels you can store your pallets. Load capacity refers to the weight the pallet racking system can support before it becomes unstable. Ensure your pallet racking is not overloaded both on the individual beam levels and the individual bays themselves.

Forklift Reach

When considering the height of your pallet racking, it’s important to consider forklift reach. You need to ensure that the height of your pallet racking and top beam level matches the capabilities of your forklift or any other lift equipment you use. This is essential for safety and efficiency; if the reach is too low, it becomes impossible for staff to access items on higher beam levels. It is important your forklift has a minimum 200mm higher reach capacity than your top beam level to ensure the forklift operators are able to lift the pallet up and over the beam.

To determine what type of forklift you need, consider the load weight that needs to be lifted from different heights – the higher the maximum reach, the better it will be for lifting pallets at different heights. When in doubt, consulting a professional can provide valuable advice, so you always opt for the right solution.

The Backbone Of Warehouse Efficiency

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