Pallet Racking Cold Room and Freezer Storage Solutions

The organised storage of frozen and cold goods in a warehouse ensures your storage rooms and warehouse operations run effectively and efficiently. Pallet racking systems can be manufactured specifically for cold rooms and freezers, which present different environmental conditions compared to standard warehouse spaces.

One Stop Pallet Racking (OSPR) recommends the use of hot-dipped galvanised pallet racking in cold rooms and freezers. Although an exceptionally durable material, steel can be affected by moisture, which can cause corrosion and weaken the safety of the pallet racking. To prevent this, the steel goes through a unique chemical process (hot dipped galvanisation) to make it resistant to moisture and therefore, corrosion.

At OSPR, we offer a variety of cold room and freezer pallet racking solutions including selective pallet racking and drive-in racking.

What Are the Different Types of Cold Room and Freezer Storage Solutions?

Hot-dipped Galvanised Selective Pallet Racking

One Stop Pallet Racking (OSPR) Selective Pallet Racking provides access to all pallets at all times. Selective Pallet Racking is a great solution for pallets that vary in size or pallets of all the same size. It is versatile.

Advantages of OSPR Selective Pallet Racking:

  • Organised stock, maximising cool room and freezer space
  • Compliant to the AS4084 Australian Standards

Hot-dipped Galvanised Drive-In Racking

One Stop Pallet Racking (OSPR) Drive-In Racking is great for bulk storage of products such as

produce, fresh food, and beverages. This solution is ideal for storing significant quantities of similar or identical goods.

Advantages of OSPR Drive-In Racking:

  • High-density storage solution that makes excellent use of existing space
  • Suitable for seasonal products that require less stock rotation

Can I Install Regular Pallet Racking in a Cool Room or Freezer?

Condensation and freezing temperatures can seriously damage a pallet racking system that is not intended for such conditions. For your safety and peace of mind, there are specially designed storage systems that are safe for use in cool rooms and freezers.

Using standard pallet racking in cool room or freezer environments is not recommended, as  the storage system could potentially have its integrity compromised. Contact One Stop Pallet Racking for all storage-related advice and guidance here.

Are You in Need of Cold Room and Freezer Pallet Racking?

If you are unsure which pallet racking solution would be suitable for use in your cool room or freezer warehouse, the team at One Stop Pallet Racking can help you. OSPR are specialists in providing storage solutions from pallet racking, stair sets, industrial shelving, mezzanine and other services.

Our professional team can arrange a consultation to answer all of your queries related to storage and pallet racking.

  • Call Ray on 0410 894 157 for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth enquiries, or;
  • Can Krystle on 0449 894 158 for Brisbane and Gold Coast enquiries.

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