How Drive-In Racking Can Maximise Your Pallet Storage and Warehouse Space

Understanding the best storage system for your warehouse can help you maximise your warehouse space, achieve optimal efficiency in the workplace and protect your goods. If you’re tight on space and need to store your goods more efficiently, learn more about drive-in racking and how you can store more pallets by utilising this type of pallet racking system within your warehouse.

What is Drive-in Pallet Racking?

Drive-in pallet racking is commonly chosen for its densely built structure, greatly increasing the storage density per cubic meter in your warehouse. Drive-in pallet racking can store large quantities of similar or same sized pallets. Drive-in pallet racking removes the need for aisles, meaning you can maximise the storage capacity in your warehouse. This is due to its depth-like design, allowing forklifts to drive in and access the pallets directly. Drive-in pallet racking runs on either a ‘last in, first out’ configuration or a FIFO ‘first in, first out’ – depending on your requirements and design, meaning that it is most ideal for fast-moving products or products with a long shelf life.

What products are most ideal for drive-in pallet racking?

  • Products that require freezer storage.
  • Large amounts of the same product / SKUs

Advantages of Drive-In Pallet Racking & How You Can Maximise Storage


Drive-in pallet racking can work out to be more cost-efficient long term in comparison to other storage options. Though slightly higher in upfront costs, you may find that the increased storage space it provides will save you purchasing extra warehouse space to accommodate your growing inventory.

Customisable for any height and width

Drive-in pallet racking can be designed to accommodate your desired measurements to fit your goods. It has guard rails that ensure the goods are safely stored and minimises the risk of damage when retrieving the pallets. Should you require further space or room for new products, drive-in pallet racking can be adjusted or expanded to fit your stock.

Forklift accessibility

As there are no aisles, drive-in pallet racking allows forklifts to simply pick and go. The forklift drives into the racking to store and retrieve pallets at any level. Therefore, this reduces the time taken driving in and out of aisles, offers better control over entry/exits and minimises the risk of damage to the products. It is also compatible with a standard forklift.

High density

Drive-in pallet racking allows you to store large quantities of goods without damaging them from stockpiling and sitting pallets on top of one another, which can be dangerous and increases the risk of damaged stock and accidents.

Other things to note about drive-in pallet racking

Drive-in pallet racking also comes in a double-entry point configuration, meaning that goods can be accessed from both the front of the rack as well as the back. This is most commonly used for goods that are in high demand throughout the day and will require multiple entries to ensure optimal flow in the warehouse.

Need drive-in pallet racking for your warehouse?

One Stop Pallet Racking offers a one-stop solution for all your warehouse storage needs. If you are unsure if drive-in pallet racking is right for you or you would like to know more about other pallet racking systems we offer, contact One Stop Pallet Racking today.

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