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Five Easy Ways To Maximise Storage Capacity In Your Warehouse

When it comes to maximising the inventory and storage capacity of your warehouse there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are several ways you can increase the capacity of your warehouse without considering the need for expansion. At One Stop Pallet Racking, we have collated a list of the top ways you can maximise warehouse space utilisation.

1. Optimise the use of vertical space

One way to add extra storage space to your warehouse is to make use of the vertical space. In most warehouses, vertical spaces are highly underutilised. According to industry experts, it is recommended that you use approximately 75-80% of the available vertical space in your warehouse, whilst leaving the rest aside for safety purposes. When deciding to optimise the use of the available vertical space, it is also important to consider what storage system is already in place and if you can work upwards with your current racking system. This is ultimately the most cost-effective strategy to maximise storage capacity as you will save on floor costs, and significantly reduce the need for expansion.

2. Reduce aisle widths to add extra warehouse space

Minimising the space between aisles, by implementing a narrow storage system will add significant storage space to your warehouse. When considering this option, you also need to accommodate for forklifts and if they are capable of working in the new narrow aisles.

3. Maximise the use of underutilised spaces

Take a good look around your warehouse, because chances are that there are areas that you have never used before that could make great storage spaces. This can be as easy as adding new racking or shelves over dock doors. By optimising the use of unexpected areas, you can also save on costs as you significantly reduce the need for extra square footage.

4. Declutter the floor space to add storage capacity

In a warehouse, the floor space is highly valuable as it is the most accessible storage area. If you clean up your floor space by removing unused inventory and obsolete equipment, then it can become a useful storage space for active inventory. It’s also important to remove any debris from the floors as not only is it a safety hazard but it is also taking up valuable floor space that can be otherwise used for storage purposes.

5. Consider adding a mezzanine to optimise the storage of inventory

If you know that your warehouse floors can handle another level, consider adding a mezzanine. Installing a mezzanine above the existing storage system to serve as a shipping or receiving area, can dramatically increase the storage capacity of the floor space.

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