The Greatest Range of Pallet Racking Systems in Melbourne

Endeavouring to set up a new warehouse or revamp your existing one means looking at the organisational structure. Does the warehouse look like it will allow for maximum functionality for you, your staff, and your requirements?
Deciding on a warehouse can be harder than you think. You are putting your business at serious risk if you do not allow the time to properly consider which space is suitable for your company.
Once you have decided on a warehouse, you then need a solid pallet racking system to ensure that your supplies will be stored safely, efficiently, and reliably

Expert warehouse design

Our expert pallet racking consultants in Melbourne will work with you on deciding whether your prospective warehouse really meets your requirements in terms of storage space and functionality. We will then meet with you to help design its layout and purpose. This includes installing our efficient pallet racking systems so that your warehouse is equipped with ample storage space.

Choosing the right pallet racking installation company can have a significant impact on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your warehouse. One Stop Pallet Racking brings a breadth and depth of industry experience to each job that ensures our clients always receive the best possible industrial shelving solution for their needs.

What we provide

We have a great variety of services to ensure that your warehouse is at its optimal efficiency. We provide:

  • Warehouse design – we offer a free assessment of your prospective space, in order to make sure that it suits the requirements of your company
  • Pallet racking sales – One Stop Pallet Racking has a great variety of pallet rack available. We also manufacture and install all solutions for maximum efficiency.
  • Examination and repairs – we provide inspections of your warehouse and its One Stop Pallet Racking systems to make sure that they do not need any repairs. If they do, we’ll provide them promptly.

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